Analise and Friends at the park

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Wow, I didn’t realize that its been 3 whole years since my last blog post. With all these social media platforms popping up everyday we as photography geeks look for the advantage, join and test out how far we can get to spread the word and show our work to the world. Anyways, I’m back […]

A Classy day on Staten Island Car Show – 9.9.12

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Nothing much to talk about here today. I got so much on my plate with some current campaigns and the up-n-coming Help Portrait 2012 on Staten Island, NY. I’ve been spreading the word to the community, and from here to December 8th I’ll be contacting sponsors, the local paper and the local news to help […]

Here is how I want to spend my 30 Days Off of FaceBook….

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Here is what I want to be doing during the next 30 days of my Facebook hiatus. -Posting up new content – Updating my website(s) – Planning projects fro the next up and coming seasons. – Working more on sharing knowledge with the public – Working on scheduling my next workshop – Printing more – […]