Help Portrait 2012 – Staten Island, NY – 12/08/12

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Me and the crew are hosting Help Portrait this year on Staten Island, New York – December 8th 2012 What is Help-Portrait about? No photographers or volunteers involved are paid or are making any money of these photographs.  In fact, none of the pictures taken will be used on personal websites or portfolios. What this […]

Procrastinating is not an option!!!

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Procrastinating is not an option! It’s something we all need to get over and get the task done! We often find ourselves putting aside the easiest task or job aside to make room for other things. Before we know it, the deadline is ahead and we have to get it done in a matter of […]

You can’t create and edit at the same time. – Syl Arena

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A couple of months back I received a copy of a book a “flashy” pal of mine self published. The book is titled – “LIDLIPS – Lessons I Didn’t Learn In Photo School “. Its a book with resourceful information, encouragement and photo-tastic advice. Syl has written 100 small excerpts for us readers to keep on shooting.  One […]