The Cutest Baby In The World – Baby Photography

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If you are a friend of mine on instagram you may have already seen these photos when I posted them earlier this week of our granddaughter Angelice. She’s getting very familiar with mobile devices for selfies and my camera when I start taking photos of her. This little beauty has become an inspiration to us since the day she was born. Angelice and our niece Analise have become a big part of our lives.
It has yet to hit us that we’re “GrandParents” because when we were growing up Grandma and Grandpa were these cute little old lady and little old man that were the wisest in the Family.

Photographing Angelice was easier then I thought. We helped pose her for the shot and she stood there very calm, sme smiled and made it look natural. While behind the lens I noticed that she was alway looking for me to give her the “okay, you can smile” signal… and she did. Almost like she was made to do this. I am looking forward to working more with her. Helps me also get more familiar with photographing children.

I shot these images with my Canon 7D (yeah, she’s still clickin’), 1.8 85MM Lens, all natural light coming in the big window. Minor tweaks in Lightroom post, just simple crop and sharpening.
I hope you all enjoy. Feel free to leave a comment. Feedback is appreciated.

Later this weekend I will be focused (no pun intended) on getting more kids photos of Ana and Geli (jelly) aka Banana & Jelly.


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