Shooting the Band “Holla Back – Brooklyn’s Own”…

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Holla Back - Brooklyn's Own - Band Shot

A couple of days ago I had the privilege to shoot a local band from Brooklyn, NY that go by the name of “Holla Back, Brooklyn’s Own”.

These guys are pretty awesome. They are a cover band that caters to the ever so popular wave of hip hop music. All respectable professionals and family men by day and a killer hip hop band by night. True entertainers, in a class of their own.
The day these guys called me to shoot I did my research. At first I thought they were a local funk/rock band in need of some promotional material. But after a couple of emails and links I got to know these guys style… they were from my neck of the wood. Brooklyn baby!

Steve Tree Profile 1 Terry front face

Dan with guitar face front Steve-on-guitar-face-front

Tony with keyboard face front Tony with keyboard for profile

Holla Back, Brooklyn's Own - Studio Black & White

After an hour or two shooting in the studio these guys had me and the crew reminiscing all the vintage hip hop music we use to listen to back in the day. Back when rap music was all about fun, going out with the friends and having a ball. Break dancing, popping and locking, jumping around and making new friends everywhere we went. Listening to a song on the big yellow Sony walkman and rewinding it  back just to hear it again. Man I miss them days! Guys thanks for a fun time at the studio. I look forward to hearing more from you all again!

Check them out at their website: Holla back, Brooklyn’s Own –

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