Hurricane Sandy Hits Staten Island, NY – Major Damages…

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Staten Island, NY. – Midland Beach
During the past 48 hours my family and I were in the middle of planning an evacuation to being part of a rescue and documenting every moment we could get on camera. After getting the high alert from the emergency service teams here on Staten Island, NY (Midland Beach)., We experienced huge floods in our neighborhood within minutes. No time to go and get emergency gear, no time to pack and go head to safety.
All we had was our car, our cell phones and each other. As soon as we saw the water approaching our block we started moving our vehicles to higher grounds. As we flee the scenes we stay close to our homes because we have animals/pets on higher floors. Judy (My Wife) and I decide to swim back and go to our home and drop enough food for the animals just incase we need to leave town for a couple of hours.

We all kept together and watched our property get the worst of it. All that was running through our minds was getting back home and being comfortable again. Thanks to the U.S. National Guards, The Coast Guards, NYPD, FDNY and all the other people who were equipped to face this situation and help all keep it all together mentally!

Here are a couple of images I took during the Hurricane when it hit here on Staten Island. I would write more but truly, the images speak for themselves.


coast gurad 1
coast guard 2

buddy 1

container 1

divers 1

scuba team heading in

rescue 2

fence 1

washed up dresser

flooded 1

tree down 1

rescue going in

rescuer 1

rescue 1

rescue 3

under water 2

container 1

under water 3

praying statue

praying statues 2

washed up couch

smashed car

United we stand - USA


Please, if any of you have any resources that can help the others here on Staten Island please comment and share your information. I’m sure someone here on Midland Beach can benefit from something provided and help make things a little easier if possible!

Please be sure to share your comments as others here in the community look for support and encouragement. -Jay

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