Why is Sofia Vergara selling Covergirl products?

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Sofia-Vergara We all know who Sofia Vergara is by now. We all see her as that other Latina Sex Symbol second to Selma Hayek. Lately I have been seeing countless Covergirl Commercials with Sofia and Ellen. The commercial mainly focused on Sofia’s genetic beauty and great skin. At least at her age!  I mean, why do they have her selling Covergirl products? Why not something else like “Mens Products”? –Yes, women of today would like to have beautiful skin and remain looking beautiful as they continue to age, but why have Sofia Vergara sell them the products when there are many other commercial style faces out there that can do just as good.

Sofia Vergara should be selling men’s products! I mean look at the Diet Pepsi Commercial she did over the summer with David Beckham. Sexy, simple and cool. More and more men visualized dressing like Beckham, getting haircuts like Beckham and getting the sexy commercial girl (Sofia Vergara) like Beckham. That was a killer marketing strategy by Pepsi, and now other businesses should think on making that same approach. Using Sofia in a men’s clothing commercial like “Calvin Klein” or even “Ralph Lauren” would be a better commercial approach. Even an ad campaign would do great all year around with her character clinching on a fully dressed body by one of the fashion designer Brands.

Sofia Vergara does have that commercial face, that commercial approach, but she’ll be a better candidate to sell to the opposite sex. Only because like they clearly explained to us in advertising school “Sexy Always Sells”!

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