You can’t create and edit at the same time. – Syl Arena

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A couple of months back I received a copy of a book a “flashy” pal of mine self published. The book is titled – “LIDLIPS – Lessons I Didn’t Learn In Photo School “. Its a book with resourceful information, encouragement and photo-tastic advice. Syl has written 100 small excerpts for us readers to keep on shooting.  One of my favorites is #30 “You can’t create and edit at the same time.”  This is my second time around on this book and I must say that every time I read it, I’m ready to go shoot some more with a well planned adventure.
I wrote a review on this book on my older blog at “B4P” and I will do a re-post once I get all my notes together again. I will keep you all updated with the tips and my opinion once again on a later date. For now enjoy the read, store it in your head and keep on shooting!

You can’t create and edit at the same time.
Creating and editing are two completely separate tasks. And actually, few of us are good a both. Among pros, there are shooters and there are picture editors. Trying to edit while creating is like trying to drive by pushing on the gas and brake pedals at the same time. Create. Do something else. Then edit. Better yet, have someone else edit.

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