Walking and taking pictures on Staten Island…

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Today was originally planned to be a simple photoshoot in the studio with one of my main photographer pals Fred Rodriguez. Of course, like any other photographer and model collaboration, we get the bad news and the model can’t make it. So, we decided to make it an adventure and walk around Staten Island and have a photowalk of our own. We started in the streets and headed up to Staten Islands Beach. Where out of the norm it was a total desert. Seeing no people in the final days of summer is really weird I thought. So I suggested that we keep on walking until something interesting comes up. I set my camera set to Aperture Priority on B&W (Chromatic) and we continued our venture.

As we walked we noticed a small park in the beach with a  sprinkler system still on. Out of nowhere children just appeared and started having fun in the cool water flow.

Titled: Having fun in the water. – Staten Island Beach


Titled: Having fun in the water too. – – Staten Island Beach

At a distance, I noticed the flags of the beach up waving proudly.


Titled: Waving Flags of Staten Island Beach.


We walked further into the busy side if the boardwalk and notice what it looked to be some picketing spectators. We started taking shots from a distance and kept walking closer. All the people who were lined up were holding Jesus signs. Everyone of them were Asian and they were singing religious music. One of the guys from the line up came over to us and started informing us on what they we doing… Just passing the great word of Jesus Christ he said. No protesting, no boycotting. Just spreading the love of the man who sacrificed his life for us were his words. So he went back to his position in line and continued the harmony with his fellow Christians.



Titled: Jesus is our Savior. – Staten Island Beach Boardwalk


Titled: Singing for Jesus. – – Staten Island Beach Boardwalk


Titled: Jesus was crucified 4 you.


Our adventure continued on to the Staten Island Pier. Now there was something interesting going on there… so we went on!


Titled: The Last Ride.


Titled: Busy pier of Staten Island.


Titled: Scaled Fish – Staten Island Pier.


Titled: Bait – Staten Island Pier.


There was allot of family stuff gong on the pier today. Allot of grown-up brought their kids, grandkids, nieces and nephews out to fish today. High Tides and the fish were biting. The kids were all having fun and the dads were having a blast watching their kids hook some nice sized biters.



Titled: BAITING – Staten Island Pier


Titled: Guess who caught tonight’s dinner.


Titled: Waiting for his catch.


Titled: Look what I caught.


Titled: Seahorse of Staten Island Beach


Titled: Here’s how you do it kiddo


Titled: Do it like this kiddo


Titled: Let Grandpa show ya how its done kiddo.


Titled: A gentleman’s, gentlemen – Pat O’Leary


Titled: Pat O’Leary going home.


Today’s venture was really a relaxing one. I had a blast shooting with Fred Rodriguez. Talking about techniques, lenses, camera bodies and more.
Fred is a great listener. Always ready to soak in more knowledge when it come to photography and inspiration. Thanks again “Fred” for showing up!

This blog post is once again a post to inspire you readers. Over the years I got to hang out with the guru’s of today and learned allot. I am focused (no pun intended) on passing along the knowledge and help feed all your needs when it come to shooting, lighting, framing…etc..etc.  Everyday I tell myself keep shooting, and I encourage you all to also keep shooting. How else are you gonna learn your camera functions. Just like myself, the best way to learn is the hard way.

There is no easy way in this profession/craft! Yes, you can easily go out and take a picture, but that doesn’t make you a photographer. It just makes you a person with a camera who takes pictures. Now, once you developed a style, a taste for photography and make it your everyday passion, you will then “SEE” what we mean when we say “This isn’t easy” or “Its not the camera, its the person making the image”!

This here is a few of many words of encouragement that I hand off to you all as it was done to me. I love making pictures, I keep shooting, I learn more and more everyday!


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