Taking the camera for a walk on Coney Island – Brooklyn, NY…

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I decided to go out once again and catch some interesting street photos if interesting people and locations. This time the location is in my home Town, Brooklyn, NY. – Coney Island to be exact!

Once again I went for the Black and White finish. B&W straight out of the camera. No Filters, No modifications with plugins, just simple shoot, crop, sharpen, border and show!


Titled: Welcome to Coney Island

I named this one “Welcome to Coney Island”. Simply because it was one of the first captures I got once we entered the iconic boardwalk of the what it is to be a rebuild  Coney Island beach.

The Original Nathans Hotdogs - Coney Island

Titled: The Original Nathans

This is one shot I never miss out on. Every year when we go out to Coney Island I sit there and wait by the legendary “Original Nathans Famous Frankfurters” and I wait. I wait to see an angle, a shot I can take for the purpose of recording my visit on the final days of the Summer. At the Original Nathans on C.I. there are lines packed full of people from everywhere waiting for nearly 30 minutes just to get the best hotdogs in town.


Titled: The Coney Island Dance Machine

Like I said before, as I waited by the Original Nathans on Coney Island for an interesting shot,- an interesting shot pops up. This one I titled “The Coney Island Dance Machine”. This guy was an interesting character of his own kind. Music blasting from all sorts of area’s here on the famous beach of Brooklyn, NY, this gentleman entertained all the spectators from all over by dancing for a small exchange of coins. Given, not everyone contributes to pan-handling, but if your a resident of the State of NY and frequently visit this great borough of Brooklyn you’ll recognize this character by his smooth moves and charismatic ways of earning his keeps.


Titled: The Coney Island Shore

The Loew’s Coney Island Theatre seated 2,472 when it opened on June 17, 1925 with Blanche Sweet and Ronald Colman in “The Sporting Venus” . It was taken over by the Brandt Theatres circuit in May 1964 and was renamed Shore Theatre. In early-1966, film use had ceased and live theatre was presented, but this was a short lived venture, and films returned.

By 1971, the Shore Theatre had begun running X-Rated Adult movies and was possibly closed around March 1973. It has remained unused and empty ever since.


Titled: Skater Boy – Coney Island


Titled: Coney Island’s Famous Parachute Jump – Landmark


Titled: The Infamous Wonder Wheel of Coney Island


Titled: Sleeping in Brooklyn…

As the day winds down after all the walking and excitement comes a high level of exhaustion. Having fun and eating tons of goodies can catch up to you in a matter of hours. reminding us that we’re not the kids we use to be anymore, but that shouldn’t stop us from reminiscing and having fun with our loved ones. Go out, have fun… enjoy what’s left of this Summer of 2012.


I’ll keep posting to try and motivate you all. Just having you over to read, enjoy and comment makes me feel great on my end. I’m going to do my best like many other and educate you all and not feed you or sell you any subliminal bullshit. I have experienced terrible disappointment and hatred towards other blogs/websites because of all the crap their posting now. Lots of them we followed for many years have changed their ways and now its all a big-ass commercial. My goal is not to forget you “the readers” and try to sell you a whole bunch of bullshit cause its what’s required by my sponsors. I will share with you my techniques, my “how-to’s” and the “what can you do’s” to advance in our craft. I will also have other educator come and collaborate here on JRPNY and share their knowledge with you at no extra cost!
I’m doing my best guys/gals… It just takes some time. I’ll help you just as long as you spread the good word and pass on the knowledge too!  …MTK!


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