Taking out the camera for a walk on a beautiful day…

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Today I took a small break from being off of my everyday routine. I decided to take a crack at a small photowalk on Staten Island beach.
I didn’t really plan it out but I wanted to get back on the swing of things and start photographing the street life, the people on the street, photographing strangers just as I did about a year ago on my old blog before I closed it down do to some malicious plugins and widgets installed on my wordpress.

Here a couple of pictures I took last time on my B4P Blog.


I’m not really your everyday street photography but I do enjoy taking pictures of different things in familiar places. So I decided to stay local for the day and test out my Aperture Priority skills on B&W mode (Monochrome) and start shooting.
Well, I started the walk and shot strange things. Then when I got to the beach there was really nothing to photograph considering that it was about 5:30PM and dinner time was right around the corner.

I first started to look for interesting things. Then I was debating whether to ask people if then can stop for a photo or two but that was out of the question… remember “Dinner time is calling”!  -So I decided to look like a weirdo to others and stand in place and start shooting. People were passing by me and looked at me as if I was someone from the newspaper or something. I even got asked if I’m documenting for our local journal here on Staten Island. The first person who stopped me and ask that was really curious on what I was doing so I kindly answered him and told him I was just shooting the view as the sun went down. On conditions like these sometimes people of New York dont want to be photographed. Even if you ask you’ll still get a “NO” in many ways you can imagine. So, if your just starting your day and you start to get the feel of people just simply shoot away and ask later… later when your comfortable!


Lets get back home kiddo!

Titled: Lets get back home kiddo!


Titled: Home, Home is on the way.


Titled: Older Gentleman on bike. Keeping it real!


Titled: Hornets, Hornets and more Hornets.

Many time people want to just shoot. Go out and play with their camera functions, settings and lenses. Here I say go out and shoot! Go and take a walk no matter the time of day or night. Just remember it sometimes can be weird and/or scary out there considering you going out and photographing alot of strangers and strange things with people in them. Always be courtious, be kind and polite and identify your self to others by explaining to them what your doing there when they ask. You’ll be amazed with the feedback you’ll get from people. They’ll even ask for your card and your web address because they want to see themselves in a photography along with the other images you capture throughout your venture.


Remember, when your out there you will not get the shot every time. After many time of practice, practice and more practice you’ll learn the angles, the settings and most important you’ll develop better social skills with the public.
So, I encourage you… go out and shoot because that camera is not gonna make images on its own! –#ClickClickPOW


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