My session with Miss Ash Tuesday – Portraits & Glamour – #JRPNY

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A couple of weeks back we had the pleasure of shooting with “Miss Ash Tuesday”. Brooklyn, NY’s own up-n-coming latina model. A couple of years back we got to shoot her sweet 16 and it turned out to be a  sweet and favorite shoot.

Ash and her family wanted to do something different, and where better then Brooklyn and the many floral parks can you not come up with ideas for. Anyway’s, enough of that. Back to the shoot…!


#JRPNY - Jay Rodriguez - NY / NJ Photographer

This was an in studio shot that we shot many frames and the results were killer!
1 “4 Foot” octabank camera front, 1 “28 Inch” Softbox camera right. Seamless background.

#JRPNY - Jay Rodriguez - NY / NJ Photographer

This shot we decided to take to my home setup. The studio started to get really hot considering it was almost 100 degrees outside.
4 Foot Octabank suspended 10 feet high at full power. Camera at birds eye view.

#JRPNY - Jay Rodriguez - NY / NJ Photographer

In studio shot, 4 foot Octa camera front. Bare-bulb 580EXii camera right for flare.

#JRPNY - Jay Rodriguez - NY / NJ Photographer

Here is another shot at my home studio. Ash standing in front of one of the huge windows for the natural light to flow in.
4 Foot Octabank camera front. Major Photoshop overhaul for editorial and promotional reasons.

#JRPNY - Jay Rodriguez - NY / NJ Photographer

Here is a contact sheet-ish screen shot of the shoot. Captured in “Photo Mechanic”. I’ve been using the program for quite some time now to sort all my images. To separate the ratings by color or star (1-5) and from there open up in Lightroom and/or Photoshop for post processing.

I look forward to posting more, blogging more and keeping you “the readers” up to date with images and knowledge. I hope to go further and create a relationship like my old blog “B4P”. In the meantime, subscribe to or updates and make sure you friend us on Facebook and Twitter.


Once im done editing with the video shot I will update this post. Thx again… LataZzzz

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