Blog Post #1 – A new Blog-ginning…

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It’s been a while since my last blog post. Of course my older blog was violated, hacked, taken for a joyride on the super highway of the interwebs, so I had to unplug it all and start all over again. *Sigh*, six plus years of posts down the drain… Life goes on!

So, my new post begins with me informing you all that the previous 90 Day Black & White Photography Project that I started on the old blog will eventually kick in gear once again after the busy season of work and more work slows down. In the meantime I will put all my efforts together and try my best to post at least 2 times a week. I will be sharing tips, tricks, techniques and play by play footage on Photography, Editing, Graphic design and of course a pinch of marketing/advertising to spice it all up. I will also be having guest bloggers posting here and sharing their knowledge with all of us. Helping us and of course keeping us inspired and continue doing what we love in our beloved field of photography and graphic designs. Every now and then you will see some changes here on the new blog. Adjustments to the layout/theme, new topics, updates here and there and slicker navigation, So please be patient with me as I try my best to keep you all fresh up to date with tasty food for you brain,

For now lets all have a great summer! #ClickClickPOW


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